Hani i Dy Robertëve

“…Hani i Dy Robertëve was born out of a desire to create a space for artistic expression, an alternative space for the times, soon it became a mission. During that time we organized over hundred exhibitions. It is there that the ’90s generation made itself known and exhibited. Had it not been for Hani, most of Kosovo’s renowned artists might not have been around today. This is the generation of Mehmet Behluli, Sokol Beqiri, Zake Prelvukaj and Gani Gashi, whose works were burned down together with the Hani, a bit before the end of the war. Hani as a space was an intersection between diplomacy and arts.” (E.Hoxha, Satelite City, 2017)

The photograph is from the private archive of Merita and Fadil Dragaj, owners of the Hani i Dy Robertëve.