Kosovo Pavilion: The City Is Everywhere / 16th Venice Biennale 2018

Eliza Hoxha’s curatorial concept for the Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, presents the house as a substitute for the city. In curating the Pavilion, Hoxha revisits the ‘90s, a time during which Kosovo Albanians were expelled from all state-run institutions and thereby removed from public life. As Yugoslavia began to fall apart, the Milošević’s regime revoked Kosovo’s autonomy. In reply, Kosovo Albanians created a parallel system of public institutions in their private houses in the periphery of the city.

The Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo titled #TheCityIsEverywhere, is a house always in the making; unfinished because it always acquires new public functions. The house became a public space, a school, a restaurant, a promotional activity space, an office, an art gallery, a hospital and a home at the same time.